Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

Do you want to find the best gifts for a 2-year old boy? He is growing and learning fast, so gifts that will inspire him to learn more are essential.

The perfect gifts for a two-year old boy should be those that can develop his creativity and curiosity. Stylishly designed toys and colorful things will surely get his attention and will guide him as he continues to learn.

Gifts for 2 Year Old Boy Reviews

Power Wheels Thomas the Train

This ride-on train is played on tracks or as is. Two-year-old can easily maneuver this train. It features a safety seat to keep your child seated in the train.

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Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center

The Sports Center is easy to assemble, but some parts need to be screwed. The toy structure is sturdy and is made of hard plastic.

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Vtech Kidi Beats Kids Drum Set

This drum set is ideal for toddlers. The drums are easy to hit because they have different LED lights. This durable product is easy to set up.

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Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

You can easily adjust the height of this basketball ring from 2 feet up to 4 feet. The oversized ring makes it easy for your child to score a basket.

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Melissa & Doug Stack & Count Parking Garage

This set features 10 pieces of differently-colored cars made of quality materials that are safe for your child. The concept behind this toy is simple, yet still fun for kids.

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Aquadoodle – Draw N Doodle

This 90-centimeter square doodle mat helps your toddlers use their imagination and creativity. The water pen included will write on the mat, but not on other surfaces.

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Hape-Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy

This pull toy is made out of the highest quality wood. It is painted, coated and finished with child-friendly materials. Ideal for 2-year-olds and older.

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Mega Blocks First Builders

First Builders has large and colorful blocks that your toddlers can easily stack together to create whatever comes into their imagination. The blocks’ materials are tested safe for kids.

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Lego Duplo My First Number Train Building Set

This is a 31-piece set, which makes it fun for toddlers to learn numbers. The blocks are colorful and are made of the highest quality child-safe materials.

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Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Night Light

This night light helps your toddler get some comfortable sleep. It can project starry images in the entire room and has an automatic 45-minute shut-off feature.

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Types of Product

It is not easy to give gifts to babies since as they grow, they’ll have different needs for their development. This is why looking for a perfect gift for a two-year-old boy can be a turmoil. However, here are some ideas that could help you.

Coloring Books: This is a great way to enhance how a boy distinguishes colors around him. Furthermore, coloring books will widen his creativity and imagination.

Balance Bicycle: From a walker, a two-year-old boy can now do things aside from walking, such practicing his balance. This can improve his balance and coordination.

Puzzles: This is one of the best ways to develop a boy’s cognitive skills. However, considering that it is his first time, four to five-piece puzzles are the most appropriate.

Basketball Set: Through basketball, not only his skills in sports are being developed, but also his motor skills. Basketball sets can be assembled everywhere, but parents should be aware that two-year-olds tend to throw everything they put their hand on.

The aforementioned gifts above are mostly for the development of a boy’s motor and cognitive skills because a two-year-old boy is more thrilled to learn new things.

How to Select a Balance Bike

Not all balance bikes are suitable for a two-year-old boy. Proper selection is deemed necessary because it involves the safety of the boy.

The first factor in selecting a balance bike is its size because a balance bike for a five-year-old boy is much larger than a balance bike for a two-year-old boy.

Adjustable seat height is also one of the important factors because it helps the boy to properly maneuver the balance bike. In adjusting the seat, the height of the boy should be considered.

The next factor is the brake. Although the boy uses his feet to stop the bike, brakes are equally as necessary because this can prevent him from having a serious injury. Oftentimes, the reason of bike accidents is the malfunctioning of brakes.

Lastly, tires are also a big factor in selecting a balance bike because this will determine if the ride is smooth and if it has friction to the surface. Deciding on what tire to choose depend on the surface of where he will ride the bike.

When you have selected the perfect balance bike, it is also important not to forget to buy a helmet or kneepads as these will protect him while riding.


For these gifts to last, they should be maintained and taken care of. Not only will it benefit the parents in terms of cost, but it will also be a great remembrance worth keeping.

Parents should provide a cabinet or container for the coloring books and puzzles. For the balance bike, it should be placed in one place such as the garage or outside the house if it is not in use.

The puzzle might be jumbled after playing it. Thus, it is necessary for parents to check the pieces before keeping them in the container.

The balance bike should be washed when necessary, especially if the boy had used it during the rain because mud might get in the tires.

Furthermore, the balance bike should be checked regularly for any loose parts especially in the handle. Brakes should also be checked in case of any malfunction.

The basketball set pieces should be checked regularly, especially the pieces that take the brunt, such as the hoops and the stand that connects it to the ground.

Advantages of Having a Balance Bike

The main purpose of the balance bike is to enhance and reinforce the balance and coordination of a boy even without the help of an adult or training wheels.

Before a balance bike, parents usually buy a tricycle or a bicycle with training wheels. According to a research, using a tricycle or a bicycle with training wheels makes the boy dependent to them, as opposed to using a balance bike where the child actually learns to balance himself.

Tricycles and bicycles with training wheels only impede the development of kids when it comes to balancing. They might end up not knowing how to maneuver a bigger bike in the future.

Furthermore, a boy does not really learn how to balance properly using the tricycle or the bicycle with training wheels because they always tilt to one side.

Balance bikes are not just for playing purposes; they also reinforce his developing motor skills, as well as his balance, coordination, and spatial reasoning.

Through balance bikes, he can be taught to be more cautious and observant of his surroundings, especially to things that could cause injury to himself.

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