Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls

What could be the best gifts for 3-year old girls whose creativity and curiosity are already starting to show? They need something that they will surely find delightful while further honing their creativity and skills.

The perfect gifts for a little girl around 3 years are those that can educate her while providing her with utmost fun when playing and exploring. Look for those gifts that will encourage her to have fun and play while developing her senses.

Gifts For 3 Year Old Girl Reviews

Hape Gourmet Kitchen Wooden Play Set

This is a nice wooden kitchen that your little girl will love. Made of high quality wood, this playset is sturdy and looks like it can last for a long time.

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Svan Dessert and Tea Tower

This 15-piece set is intricately painted and details using non-toxic paint that are safe for children 3 years and above. Each piece is made out of natural wood.

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YOOYOO Kids Simulation Kitchen

If you are not into wooden kitchen toys, this toy is an alternative. Items are made of child-safe plastic, but adult supervision is still needed for children below 3 years.

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Learning Resources New Sprouts Bundle of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This bundle consists of three food baskets where your child can organize food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clean up is easy, as each set comes with a basket.

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Step2 Write Desk

This art desk will seat your little artist safely and comfortably. It has enough compartments and storage space to carry all your child’s art materials.

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Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Sorting Set

This toy promotes your toddler’s color recognition. The set contains five baskets that are labeled according to color. Each fruit and vegetable is detailed and realistic.

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Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sidekicks Sand Baking Playset

You can take this toy to the beach and your kids will enjoy playing in the sand. Each play toy is designed based on some of the cutest sea creatures.

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Learning Resources New Sprouts Deluxe Market Set

This set contains 30 common food items that your child can recognize. Each toy is made of soft, yet crush-resistant plastic that are safe for children.

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Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy

This plush doll is soft and cuddly, making it a safe toy to play with. It is made from 100% polyester and is detailed using soft satin fabrics.

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Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

Skip Hop backpacks are designed in cute and vibrant animals. The backpack is made of polyester. It is lightweight as well as easy to carry.

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What to buy for Three-Year-Old Girls: The Ultimate Gift List

THE EXPERTS’ GIFT LIST Three-year-olds now have their own ideas of things and own interests. Developmental benefits should be kept in mind when looking for gifts for these exploring minds.

Arts and Craft Materials: Three-year-olds are more aware of their surroundings. Choosing the materials they want is a great way to release their inner creativity, as well as logical capabilities.

Doctor’s Kit: Having a doctor’s kit not only is a fantastic toy for pretend-play but also a great tool to relieve the anxiety of visiting the pediatrician’s office.

Dollhouse: This classic toy not only provides hours of playtime but also has developmental benefits like creative thinking and problem solving. Girls will surely be thrilled to have one.

Clay: This squishy material provides limitless creativity as you can make anything out of it. It is fun to play with but also promotes imagination and improves motor skills.

Books with a message: These books don’t only entertain your tots but also teaches them valuable lessons or ideas necessary for developing appropriate social behavior.


Developmental benefits should be considered when buying gifts. Still, the more important thing is that the one who’ll receive the gift will squeal in excitement.

At the age of three, kids start to explore everything around them. They want to experiment on things and see what the effect will be. Letting them go wherever their imagination takes them will surely give them the thrill of their lives.

Art and craft materials, as well as clay, will give them the chance to realize their imagination. These imaginative kids can even surprise you with what they can make.

A doctor’s kit and a dollhouse, on the other hand, will allow them to act out roles in a way they imagine them to be. They’ll surely have fun playing doctor, curing their dolls or being the mommy in a lively house.

And to widen those spheres of imagination, books are there to tell stories beyond what the little ones can see. After reading a book, they’ll either make or act out whatever their brain has newly absorbed.


Buying the perfect gift can sometimes be strenuous as there are several options to choose from. Below are some tips on choosing the best for the above-mentioned gift items.

When considering gifting craft materials, opt for craft kits as they have almost everything you need to finish the project. Make sure to have glue and kid-friendly scissors.

For a doctor’s kit, there are toy medical instruments that do amazing things like a stethoscope that plays a heartbeat sound and a thermometer that shows a temperature change.

The best dollhouses are made of wood. They are not only durable but are non-toxic. Consider also a portable dollhouse so your kid can carry it around.

Being creative with clay can be messy. Modelling clay can leave an oily residue on the surface but it holds form better and doesn’t crumble.

For books, make sure they have a message that your kid can relate with. Consider also books that have sight words to start learning reading.


At the age of three, kids tend to be aware of habits. They will continuously play with the toys they like so it is important that they are being taken care of.

Craft materials can be messy. Have a separate container for each item so that your kid won’t have to go through other materials. Have scissors out-of-reach.

Make sure that toy medical instruments are neatly placed in the kit to avoid tangles. If the toys are battery-operated, check if they are turned-off to preserve battery.

You can have the dollhouse placed permanently on a space in your house and have a container beside it to put away the toy people and the furniture.

Because clay easily dries up, it is important to store them in air-tight containers. Have separate containers for different colors to avoid mixing them.

Have a mini library and place her favorites within reach so she can read them whenever she likes. Cover the books with plastic to make them more durable.

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