Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

Ever little boy grows so fast and knows how to express himself. Are you ready to pick the best gifts for your 5-year old boy?

Because he is no longer a toddler, gifts that promote the development of early reading skills and concentration are good for him. Choose gifts that can further improve his skills while learning at school.

Gifts for 5 Year Old Boy Reviews

Razor A Kick Scooter

This scooter is made of quality aluminum. Its foldable design makes it easy for your child to store and transport it. It can support weight up to 140 pounds.

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Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

This practice toy adapts with your child’s skills. It is big and wide enough for target practice. Two players can play simultaneously. The target is adjustable.

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Diggin Active Dodge Tag

The toys in this set are soft and safe. The balls stick quickly on the mesh vests. It is also easy to pack away while showcasing its portability.

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Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Triple Hit Baseball

This baseball trainer has 3 adjustable modes. The trainer is battery-operated. The balls can be pitched up to 10 feet. It is not suitable for children below 5 years old.

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Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk

This art desk has a wide workspace and several storage spaces. The chair is strong enough to seat your child. It also features a push-button light.

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1/14 Scale Ferrari La Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Remote Control Model Car

Your 5-year-old can easily maneuver and drive this remote control car. The car’s material may be durable, but might break when it crashes into hard surfaces.

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Super Stadium Baseball Game

This 2-player baseball game is just like the real game. It is complete with the bat, pitcher, runners and fielders. Small parts may be choking hazards to smaller children.

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Creatov Children Play Tent

This tent has ample ventilation and is easy to set up. It has a carry case for easy storage. Your child can use it either indoors or outdoors.

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The Original Stomp Rocket

You do not need any batteries for this toy, as it is 100% powered by kids. The rockets are made of foam and are safe for children 5 years old and older.

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LEGO Juniors Construction

This toy allows your child to build two construction designs. The instructions are easy to follow. There may be choking hazards for children below 5 years old.

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How To Select A Toy?

When it comes to finding gifts for children, going to the toy store may be your safest bet. Manufacturers and different brands have come up with a multitude of products, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

As with all other children, there a few things you have to consider. At 5 to 6 years of age, playing is one of the most important parts of their lives since this is how a child continues to learn his thinking, social and emotional skills.

Also, think about the personality of the boy. If you are close to him, this would be easier. However, if you’re a family friend or someone outside the child’s family, it would be a good idea to ask the boy’s parents for help.

His parents will most likely know what the boy likes. You can ask them all about his favorite color or his favourite cartoon character. From there, you will be able to narrow down your choices at the toy store to something that will be more fitting to the child’s personality.

Lastly, think of the event. Is it the child’s birthday? Is Christmas season nearing? Sometimes, the date of when you plan on giving the gift should affect your choices. What if you’re planning to give the child a reindeer-related gift when Christmas is still months away?

Do your research before buying the gift. From observing him to seeing what kind of gifts a five-year-old will most likely appreciate. This article has listed a few products you can buy for the child.

Types of Toys

Costumes: At this age, the child is becoming more sociable. While this is not exactly a toy, putting on a costume and roleplaying with friends still do sound like a fun time for the child.

Sports-related toys: Boys of this age are also starting to build their physical skills. They are more likely to be open to games that have rules and will challenge them. Maybe buying a soccer ball or a basketball made for younger children would also make a fine gift.

If money is not much of a problem, you can also get him a bike or a scooter. As said before, the child’s physical skills are starting to develop at this age and other than sports, biking can also help improve this.

A toy toolbox: Five-year-olds also start to show gender-appropriate behavior and may start to take in gender roles when it comes to playing. A toy toolbox that can let them pretend that they can build and fix things can also be a good gift idea.

Action Figures: If dolls are the go-to gifts for girls, action figures are also something that almost all boys would love to play with. Again, observe and ask the parents about his favorite superhero or character and surprise him an action figure or two the next time you see him!

Something that is art-related: If the kid is more the artistic type, a coloring book can also be a good idea. This is also the age when their attention span starts to improve and become more stable. Give them a bunch of crayons to go along with their coloring book and there’s a chance they’ll be coloring the afternoon away.

Advantages of Buying Toys

Although it is only appropriate for their age, there are some who questions if toys are a good idea to give to children as gifts.

While books and other things can also be a good option, there’s nothing that can stimulate the child’s brain more than what he usually holds and plays with.

Toys can also be a good reward system for them. This is the age when children start going to school, and putting hours and days on learning can drain a child. Seeing their favorite toy and letting them play with it can be a good way to let the child unwind.

The biggest advantage to buying toys is that the child will not be stuck staring at a tablet or the computer screen to pass their time.

In this generation they’re born in, almost everyone has a gadget or two back home. It can be tempting to just let the child sit down and play with computer games.

However, with toys, they will be able to engage the whole body. Other than that, it also provides stimulation for their mind as well as improving their social skills.

How to Take Care Of The Toys

When buying a toy, make sure it is perfectly safe for the child. There is a possibility of the toy having sharp that can injure the child.

When it comes to small toys like action figures and miniature cars, make sure there’s enough storage back home. Letting the toy just roll around everywhere can potentially lead to it getting broken accidentally.

Also, toys with small parts can be hazardous to children. Keep an eye on the child, making sure he won’t swallow anything. Even if it’s only just a toy, it can still be dangerous if not used as intended.

For the costume, wash it regularly. If the child likes the character and the costume too much then chances are he’s going to want to wear it always.

Make sure the toy you buy is age-appropriate. Although toys may all look the same, sometimes there’s a specific one that suits a specific child more.

Lastly, if there are instructions at the back, do read it before buying it. The manufacturer may have included a few notes that the child would most likely not read and it’s your job to do so.

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