Best Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls

Who wouldn’t want to buy the best gifts for a 5-year old girl? Every girl looks adorable especially when she is enjoying what she is doing.

The perfect gifts for her are those that can keep her learning, imagining, playing and exploring. Select those that can develop her motor and intellectual skills as she plays or uses them.

Gifts For 5 Year Old Girl Reviews

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen

This kitchen is compact, sturdy and easy to assemble. It includes 30 pieces of accessories, and special pots and pans that activate the kitchen’s sounds.

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KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

This dollhouse has five different compartments or rooms. The entire house and its accessories are made of wood. Not suitable for small children due to its small parts.

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Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station

This bear stuffing station comes with two customizable bears. It is complete with stuffing, wishing heart and other accessories. The instructions are easy to follow.

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Fisher-Price Barbie Grow to Pro 1-2-3 Roller Skates

These roller skates have three different modes to adjust to your child’s skills. These skates are durable and can carry toddler weight of up to 50 kilogams.

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Crayola Magnetic Double-Sided Easel

This toy has two work surfaces and has enough storage bins for your child’s art materials. It is tall enough to accommodate children 5 years old and below.

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Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

This set has a tri-fold that measures 38 inches in length and 16 inches in height. You can store all its parts in the compartments. It is also portable.

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VTech Tote & Go Laptop

Aside from its built-in sounds and activities, you can also download other music, stories and e-cards using its web connectivity feature. It is compatible with Mac or PC.

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Collection Wooden Bead Set

This set has a wooden tray, which also serves as storage for the beads. The beads may be choking hazards to children below five years old.

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Perler Beads 6,000 Count Bucket

The pegboard included makes it easy for children to arrange and design the beads. Adults must supervise children below 5 years old due to small beads.

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The Orb Factory Stick ‘n Style My First Blinglets

Each set includes 8 customizable bangles. Each bangle is easy to decorate and customize. The decors are like stickers so kids can easily attach them.

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Gift Ideas

Building toys such as beads can help the imagination and creativity of the child to develop. As well as help her hand-eye coordination by picking up little pieces of beads to create a whole one.

Board games will introduce her to the idea of taking turns. It will enhance her understanding of patience and serve as a practice.

Stilt-walking is another adventure for her. Muscle coordination and sense of balance will be established and help her body.

Cooking and baking play kit will be loved by any 5-year-old girl. It is very attractive to any young girl. It will also help improve and widen her creativity and imagination, problem solving skills and reasoning as well.

Bubble maker is also a very fun device that will surely excite her. It is the perfect gadget for every occasion and party that will spice up the world of the kids.

Tracing pads or art tools is also fun. It is very satisfyingfor a kid when they get to sketch, draw or color a material.

Picking the right one 

One factor is the educational benefit of the child. Will it improve her intellect, logical thinking and problem-solving skills? Learning is important even when she is playing.

Another significant factor are her likes and dislikes. It is important to understand her and her likes to get her excited and experience the most fun. Kids at this age are still learning the aspect of appreciation. If a toy is unfamiliar toher, she will not be happy about it and will show no appreciation.

Make sure the toy is safe and kid-friendly. Any parent would not want their kid to be harmed or hurt. Avoid toys with sharp or rough parts.

The beauty of the gift is also important because a young girl’s attention is easily caught by anything beautiful, adorable or cute. If it is educational or fun to play with but looks very unappealing to her eye, she will not touch it with her little hands.

Gifts that are not boring will last longer with the child. If a gift is boring and has no variety, she will probably ignore it after a few days.

Choose an open-ended gift because it will keep the imagination of the child going and not get bored with it. She will keep on playing with it and keep on learning. 

The key to inquiries 

What if the child does not like my present? Make sure you figure out her likes and dislikes. What does she like doing most of the time?

Is it okay for me to buy a toy that talks? It would be best not to. A toy should not be able to perform because it gives her less things to do such as imagining and being creative.

Why does my kid stop playing with my gift at times? She isa human too. She cannot be creative every second of every day and it is normal. The problem is not with the toy itself.

Which should I give, a fun gift or an educational gift? Choose a gift that is both fun and educational. It is important for kids to have fun while learning at the same time.

Is it okay to give a gadget at a young age? I would say that it is not advisable. There are things that can be done on a smartphone or tablet that can help the child learn but there are also many things that can distract her by using a smartphone. Some could even be inappropriate especially for a toddler.

Are the effects and features of a toy important? The purpose of the gift is the most important thing. The effects and features should not be so extravagant since a kid should be able to do more than what a toy can.

Making sure the kid will keep it for a while 

Keeping the gift/toy clean at all timeswill help keep the interest of the kid because if it looks dusty, the kid will be disgusted to play with it.

Materials used should be distinguished and researched by the buyer because the process of cleaning it will depend also on the elements used.

Directions on how it is used should be read and kept in mind. If you do not follow the directions,then it increases the chance of destroying your toy.

Make sure you avoid toys that have parts that are attached loosely because these is a higher probabilityfor it to get lost which can affect the functions of the toy as a whole.

Keep an eye on your kid and make sure she does not throw her toys or let them fall from a high level because it may damage the toy and it will affect its beauty and functionality.

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