Best Teething Toys

Infant teeth start emerging around three up to twelve months, but most babies usually experience teething at around six months. Teeth usually emerge in pairs, causing babies to have an irritable disposition. Thankfully, there are toys in the market to help alleviate this discomfort.

However, not all teething toys are safe for your child. To be sure, toys that will be put in babies′ mouths should preferably made from medical-grade silicone, food-grade silicone, or a mix of both. Other toys may contain carcinogens that can pose a threat to your child′s health.

Winkel Toy Rattle with Teether

This toy rattle comes from Winkle. Thetoy company has long been known for making toys that not only entertain children but help them through their development as well.

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Soft tubes: The toy is constructed with a continuous soft tube twisted into a mesmerizing maze that teething babies can safely chew on.

BPA-free: The soft plastic loops that serve as teether are made with BPA-free materials. This makes it safe for the baby to put in his mouth.

Rattle and teether in one: The middle piece contains an enclosed rattle to keep babies stimulated. The plastic maze is soft yet firm enough for satisfy itchy teething gums.

Easy-to-grasp: The plastic loops are slim enough for the baby’s tiny hands to grasp. It is easy for them to hold this with one or both hands.

Not for tiny infant hands: The tiny fingers of an infant might get stuck inside the loops. Always provide enough adult supervision during play.

No care instructions: This toy doesnot come with any care instructions. It is made of plastic and might not hold up to heat.

The toy rattle is recommended for babies who are teething, about 4 months old and older. The loops can be chewed on by the baby to soothe their gums. The colorful tubes and the pleasant sounds of the rattle will provide sensory stimulation for the baby’s development.

  • Soft tubes
  • BPA-free
  • Rattle and teether in one
  • Easy to hold
  • Not for tiny infants
  • No care instructions

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Vulli Sophie Toy Giraffe

This toy awakens various senses in the baby. It stimulates the baby’s sense of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

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Safe for oral use: The material is BPA- and phthalate-free. The absence of these substances makes it safe for babies to put the toy in their mouths and chew on it to their heart’s content.

Promotes baby development: This toy stimulates all the baby’s senses at once, promoting development. The different colors, textures and dimensions of the toy giraffe’s body is very engaging.

100% natural rubber: The entire toy is made of natural rubber then painted with food-grade paint materials. This makes it safe for babies to put in their mouths.

Soft parts: The toy is soft enough for good tactile stimulation during play. The softness will not likely injure the baby’s sensitive gums when he chews on it.

Use with supervision: Some children may choke on any of the giraffe’s body parts, such as the legs when they put it deep into their mouths.

Paint comes off: If the baby chews on the toy repeatedly, the paint might eventually come off. The designs are hand painted, using food grade paint that’s not as harmful as lead-tinted paints.

This toy can be given to babies as it is soft and BPA-free. It is safe for the baby to lick, chew or suck on the different body parts.

  • Safe for chewing
  • Supports baby’s development
  • Material made of 100% natural rubber
  • Soft parts
  • Use with supervision to reduce accidents
  • Paint might come off over time

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Nuby Icybite Teething Keys

Babies love playing with keys. Give them one to play with and learn from with this hard and soft teething keys from Nuby.

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Multi-surface: The teether surface has multiple different textures and consistencies that can provide different sensations to soothe and assist with teeth eruption.

Gentle cooling on sore gums: Some parts of the teether is filled with an advanced material called PurIce. This stays colder longer compared to water and gently cools the gums.

Latex- and BPA-free: The plastic material used in this teether is free from the common plastic ingredient that is potentially dangerous for children.

Colorful and easy to hold: The keys are small enough for tiny hands to grasp and manipulate, yet large enough not to get choked on.

Hard plastic: The plastic areas that are not filled with PurIce might be too hard for some babies. Use with supervision and observe for any unpleasant reactions.

Reaches deep into the mouth: Some of the keys are long enough to reach the molars. Use with supervision because this might cause some gagging and choking.

This teething toy key is recommended for babies 3 months old and up. This helps soothe gums as the teeth erupts.

  • Multi-surface, multi-textured
  • Gentle cooling system
  • Latex-free, BPA-free
  • Colorful
  • Hard plastic
  • Can reach deeper into the mouth

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Munchkin Twisty Teether

Baby’s gums can get irritated and sore during the teething period. Help soothe them with a teether that massages and cools the gums while having something to play with.

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Multi-surfaced: This figure-8 teether has 4 different teething surfaces that soothe irritated infant gums.

Twistable: Babies can twist this teether in any direction, giving them more options for fun and learning, as well as aid in developing their motor skills.

Doubles as a rattle: Aside from being a soothing teether, babies will be entertained with the rattling sound of this multi-use teether.

Colorful: The bright, different colors of the teether attracts babies and stimulates the baby’s visual functions. It helps them be more attentive to their environment.

Gaps challenging to clean: This toy is easy to clean, but there are small gaps that can be quite a challenge to thoroughly clean.

Not safe for dishwasher: Although there are no easily detachable parts, this toy is not for the dishwasher. Do not boil this one to avoid damage.

This toy can be given to infants 3 months of age and older. This helps soothe sore gums due to teething and can double as a toy for hours of fun.

  • Multi-surfaced
  • Twistable
  • Doubles as a rattle
  • Colorful
  • Gaps can harbor dirt
  • Not dishwasher-safe

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Nuby Teething Ring

This wacky-looking teething ring helps to soothe gums during the teething period while doubling as a fun toy. It is soft and gentle on an infant’s gums.

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Multiple surfaces: This teething ring has different textures all over its surface. The soft surface is ideal for the emergence of the front teeth. The firm surface is ideal for back teeth teething and the larger surface for middle teeth.

Soothes gums and supports teeth eruption: This teething ring helps in soothing sore gums that usually accompany teething. This also aids in the emergence of new baby teeth.

BPA-free: The materials used in this teething ring is free of BPA. This makes it safe for babies to play with and to chew on.

Soft and colorful: The fabric crinkles when the baby touches it, further providing sensory stimulation that promotes development of various motor skills and cognitive functions.

Different surfaces may not be optimized: The different surface textures are designed for ideal teething in different areas of the mouth but the baby will not be able to distinguish which one is best for which area.

Frequent cleaning needed: This teething ring would have to be cleaned regularly, especially if the baby drools a lot. Wash before and after every use.

This teething ring is recommended for use with infants aged 3 months and up. This will help them soothe their inflamed gums. The colorful design can help support development of sensory functions.

  • Multiple surfaces
  • Soothing on the gums
  • BPA-free
  • Soft and colorful
  • Regular cleaning required
  • Baby can’t optimize multiple surfaces

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