How You Can Get Your Kids To Sleep?

You are the living proof of a walking zombie. You may have been looking for ways on how to get your kids to sleep because you know you will collapse any time.

Do not fret. You need to try the following tips so you can get uninterrupted good night’s sleep once and for all.

No heavy meals, no caffeine

Do not give your kid heavy meals before bedtime. If your child is full, he will not be able to sleep right away.

Anything that has caffeine should not be given at least 6 hours before you put your child to sleep. Caffeine will cause your child to feel more alert so there should be none of this close to bedtime.

No stimulating activities before bedtime

You need to turn off the TV, get your child’s tablet, or do not let your child play when he is about to sleep.

Removing stimulating activities before bedtime will help your child’s mind relax and can encourage sleep.

Set a routine before bedtime

This may include giving your child a warm bath, a glass of warm milk, playing relaxing music, or a bedtime story.

If your child gets used to these activities before bedtime, then his body will signal him to feel sleepy right after.

Make him feel comfortable

It is important that your child does not feel too hot or too cold so he can sleep right away.

His clothes should allow movement so he can sleep better and blankets should be easy to put on and off in case he feels cold or hot.

Set a time for sleeping and waking up

Your child needs 8 to 12 hours of sleep every day. Set a time for your child’s bedtime and wake up time based on this sleep requirement.

You need to be consistent with the time that you are putting your child to sleep so his body can adapt to a specific sleeping pattern.

Be gentle but firm

When your child calls you after you have left the room, do not come in right away. Wait for a few minutes before you go back so your child can try to sooth himself.

Be in the room for a few minutes just to reassure him that everything is going to be fine. Then leave after giving him assurance.

Give a warm bath or shower an hour before bedtime

Warm baths can help kids relax and wind down after a long day. Your kid will almost immediately feel sleepy after they step out of the bathroom and into their pajamas.

A glass of warm milk always help

Give your kid a glass of warm milk just before he hits the hay. There are substances in milk that can somehow make anyone feel a bit sleepy. Just don’t make your child drink too much or he’ll be waking up several times at night to go to the bathroom.

Do not be too dismissive

If your child tells you that he is afraid to be along in his room or that he could not sleep because of the “monsters”, do not dismiss him right away.

Assure your kid that he is perfectly safe in his room or provide him with things that can help him overcome his fear. It could be a toy or a night light.

Set up a reward system

You can encourage good sleeping pattern by rewarding your child for being able to sleep on his own. You need to let him know that you recognize his accomplishments.

You can post a chart on his room that he can tick every time he is able to sleep on his own. If he can do it for three consecutive days, then he gets a reward.

I hope you can use these tips on how to get your kids to sleep right away and let me know in the comments section how your experience was. I hope you can finally get the Zzzz’s tonight.

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