How To Help Your Kids To Read

You are excited that your child just turned 4. Now, you are even more excited to learn how you can teach your kids to read.

You need to understand that children do not learn to read at the same age. But you can help him learn how to read by following the tips below.

Make reading a part of his early childhood

Children learn from what they see. If you read to your child when he is younger, then he will develop the desire to learn to read by himself.

You can start by reading bedtime stories with pictures that he can interpret. While reading, point the words so he can recognize how they are read.

Make reading an interactive activity

When reading a book to your child, ask him questions. Let him point out pictures and words that he can recognize.

In doing so, you are letting your child interact with the book. This will help him understand what you are reading.

Make reading as natural as possible

Do not try to force your child to read. You can start by pointing out words that he can see around him.

Forcing him to read will only lead to himmaking mistakes that may discourage him from trying to learn how to read.

Find different ways for your child to learn

You can combine reading with other fun activities so your child will stay engaged and he may develop his love for reading.

You can incorporate reading with nursery songs and rhymes. Your child can enjoy learning by making it fun for him.

Let your child choose his books

The best way to encourage your child to read is by having him read the types of books and stories that he want.

You can develop his interest in other topics as you go along the way. But for now, spark his desire for reading by letting him have the freedom to choose.

Teach your child the sound that each letter makes

Learning the alphabet is not the same as learning the sounds that they make. Your child can try to start reading by putting together the sounds that each letter makes.

You can make a fun activity out of it by asking your child to try to read the words that you see by combining the sounds of the letters.

Begin with easy three-letter words

After your child has learned the sounds of each letter, you can help him read three-letter words. Give him set of words that he can easily recognize.

From the three letter words, put words that rhyme with each other. In this way, your child can recognize that by changing one letter, he can form a new word.

Be a good example

One of the most effective ways to encourage your child to read is by showing him that you also love to read.

Create an ambience of a reading household so your child will want to be among you. Try to read as a family and give your child his own book that he can read.

The tips above should help you how to teach your kids read. Let me know how these tips have helped you by writing your comments below. You can also share this to other parents out there.

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